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Founded in 2022, we are a creative gift manufacturer.From our studio in London, UK, we manufacture our products with quality in mind.


Creativity has always been a driving force in my life. From my early days of crafting in elementary school to exploring various creative media, it has become a common thread that connects my experiences.
In my spare time, I have honed my gift-decorating skills, ensuring that every gift for my friends and family looks perfect. This passion led me to delve deeper into different ways to decorate gifts, including making my own wax seal stamps. In late 2020, I started selling these unique stamps on the Facebook platform.


The positive response and enjoyment I derived from this venture motivated me to expand my business in early 2022. I established a small commercial boutique. we specialize in providing our customers with quality gifts at affordable prices. We believe that personalized products should not be priced outrageously in today's modern world.


Our dedication to creativity and personalized gifts quickly gained us a loyal customer base. We started designing for clients all over the world, and our community of artists grew, making the design process less complicated.


Fast forward to 2023, and we are now shipping wax seal orders to craft enthusiasts and small businesses in countries we never thought we'd reach. Our commitment to delivering unique and personalized products remains strong, and we continue to explore new ways to ignite the creative spark in our customers.




Room 701A, 7th Floor, No. 51, Cuizhu 4th Street, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City China

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